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    Arc Flash Studies

    Arc Flash Studies

    Arc Flash Hazard is a subject that is undergoing increased discussion and scrutiny in today’s safety conscious environment. The intent of the standards in this area is to provide an increased level of safety for the Electrical worker. Those involved in the design, implantation and evaluation of electrical distribution systems must have an understanding of Arc Flash Hazards and how to evaluate the hazards as well as minimize or mitigate the hazard to the electrical worker.

    Why should Fleming Electric perform an Arc Flash Study for you? An Arc Flash study is not required by the NEC, but Arc Flash equipment warning labels are. If you do not have any Arc Flash labels now, you need to install them. Labels are included in our Arc Flash study.

    An Arc Flash study may be required by the NFPA70E If your system falls outside the boundaries set for the NFPA70E PPE tables. Certified technicians provide calculated Arc Flash energy values and labels that will be a key part of your Electrical Safety training.

    If your electrical personnel do not know what level of PPE is required for a task, as per NFPA70E, you need to inform them. We inform you of the required NFPA70E PPE level and provide a detailed Arc Flash label which can be placed on equipment.

    Do you have improperly maintained or installed equipment that would cause the increase of Arc Flash Energy or increase the potential for a fault to occur? With Fleming Electric your system will be thoroughly analyzed as a part of the Arc Flash energy calculations.

    The following are common areas of concern:

    • Circuit breaker trip settings
    • Using Motor Circuit Protectors “MCPs” as feeder breakers
    • Under-rated or improperly sized fuses and circuit breakers
    • Under-rated Motor Control Center “MCC” buss bracing
    • Under-rated MCC starters and feeder breakers
    • Under-rated Switchgear, Switchboards, and Panel boards 

    So, why not let us give you a quote to perform a detailed study that will include the required labels, required level of PPE details, and suggestions on how to decrease the available Arc Flash energy?


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